How To Have A Natural Bath?

What can be more satisfying than a hot bath after a tiring day? Bathing is not just a cleansing process but also a refreshing experience that does not need any excuse. You just slip into a hot soapy bath after a hard day at the office or hitting the cross country, hiking or cycling. It is more satisfying during a chilly day. One thing you need to worry about is the kind of stuff you use for a bath. Soap is one thing you cannot do without. A bubble bath with the right type of soap will cleanse you inside our. You get a wide variety of handmade, organic soap online. You can find the full list here about leading Canadian natural skincare brands.

For a nice bubble bath, sodium laureth sulphates or SLS is the ingredient that helps create the lather. Most of us feel that more lather or bubbles will make our body cleaner. But sulphates are not suitable for your skin. It is on the red list as it can speedily cause skin irritation. Sulphates are fine for soaps that are used for washing dishes and clothes. A higher concentration of sulphate can cause eye irritation. SLS is derived from petroleum and palm oil, which is not suitable for your skin. Organic bubbles are made differently. It is stress-free, guilt-free and made from natural products. It has the right and natural ingredient that makes the bubble last for a more extended bath.

You need something special for your tub full of bubble baths. You cannot achieve this with a castile soap. Coco glucoside is a gentle product made from fruit sugar and coconut oil. It is a non-ionic material that lowers the surface tension and lathers more. The surface tension will keep the two liquids together. Coco betaine is another ingredient that is used for lathering. It is prepared from the fatty acids of coconut combined with betaine. Betaine is made from beetroot. These two ingredients will give a luxurious bath that is natural and lasts longer. Organic bubble baths make skin soft. Glycerin and lactic acid are two ingredients responsible for making skin smooth.

Glycerin derived from vegetables is the best to retain your skin’s moisture. Coconut oil is the best source for glycerin, easily sourced. Lactic acid is derived from the fermentation of sugar, glucose and molasses. It gently exfoliates the skin, softens skin and also promotes producing collagen. Lactic acid is alpha hydroxy acid that does not harm the skin. An organic bubble bath will help you relieve your tiring legs and body. It will also keep your skin healthy. It is an excellent option for those who take bubble baths daily. Any other chemical soap will create skin and eye irritation. It is an incredible experience in a bubble bath with natural ingredients, and you will never want to use anything else.

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