Everything You Need To Know About Gum Contouring Surgery

Gums are the tissues that surround your teeth. It serves as protection to your teeth. It is said that a healthy and adequately shaped gum adds up to your beauty. Are you worried about your uneven gums that affect your looks? Dentist Hamilton recommends gum contouring surgery to improve your smile. You can know more here about the importance of gum contouring.

What is Gum Contouring?
It is a dental procedure that is usually performed to improve your dental health. It also improves your smile. It is a kind of cosmetic treatment done to improve your appearance. The excess gum surrounding your teeth is removed during the procedure. Dental surgeons may suggest going for gum grafting or gum lifting based on the structure of your gums.

The Need for Gum Contouring Surgery

Two main reasons for opting for gum contouring surgery are

Aesthetic Reasons:
Opting for gum contouring is your personal choice. You can decide based on how your gum looks. Excessive and receded gum affect your smile and appearance. If your gum looks unshaped and uneven, then you can very well go for gum contouring surgery. Gum contouring can also be done to remove the excess gum that covers your teeth.

Health Reasons:
Gum contouring is also carried out for health reasons. An infected gum requires proper gum treatment. Gum reshaping can be done along with gum treatment.

Gum Contouring Surgery- Procedure
Gum contouring surgery or gum shaping surgery is a cosmetic dental procedure carried out by a periodontist. Local anesthesia is offered to perform the surgery. The dental surgeon offers a perfect shape to your gum during the surgery. Excessive gum tissues are removed to make your teeth visible. Gum grafting is done in case of receded gums. Your dentist decides on the use of a laser or scalpel to reshape or contour your gums.

You must be aware of the precautions to be followed before and after gum contouring surgery. Your dentist would recommend a complete health check-up before the gum shaping surgery. Make sure to eat a soft diet after the surgery. Do not put pressure on your teeth by eating hard food items. This can damage your gums. Switch on to your regular diet only after the consent of your dentist. Use a soft brush to clean your teeth after the surgery.

It takes time for your teeth to recover after the gum shaping surgery. The recovery period depends on the type of surgery performed. Laser gum contouring heals faster, whereas the recovery takes time when the gum is cut and offered a suture. The gum contouring procedure for infected gums takes a long time to heal. The extent of cutting and grafting the gum tissues varies the recovery time. You can expect swelling and pain in your gums after the procedure. Frequent ice packs can help to manage the pain and reduce the swelling. Your dentist can also suggest painkillers and antibiotics.